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ORM srl was set up as a company designing and constructing deburring machine tools in 1972, and is specialized in mechanical components and forged flanges. It currently employs 22/25 people in the various departments and is characterised by the ability to create a product with a high technological content, in combination with the operational and, above all, mental flexibility typical of small businesses.
The creation of the product, in all its aspects, from design to installation and testing, including pre and post-sale technical support, is managed and arranged within the company itself, using our personnel. To support production, we have an external armature that we use as a support for processing the mechanical components we produce.

Our production focuses on three main areas, the energy sector (OIL&GAS/WIND), the earth moving sector(CATERPILLAR) and the AUTOMOTIVE sector, and is used for the mechanical processing of components required in order to create mechanical units used in the respective sectors, for example valves, flanges, tube plates, rings (OIL&GAS/WIND), rollers, shafts, wheels for tracks (CATERPILLAR), gears, alloy wheels, power steering components (AUTOMOTIVE).
In these key sectors, we operate mainly in niche markets left uncovered or rather not satisfied by the supply of products on the market in general, designing in order to offer customised solutions.

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